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Undermining Moldovan democracy - the government's intimidation of the media and political persecution campaign


08 Jun 2010


Global Europe


Hosted by: Jiøí Ma¹tálka MEP (GUE-NGL, CZ)

Guest Speaker: Grigore Petrence (International Secretary of CPRM of Moldavia)



Wednesday 9/6/10 , 14.00 EP Press Room PHS building, ground floor



Following last July's elections in Moldova, the parties of the so-called "Alliance for the European Integration of Moldova" established a new government and the Party of Communists (PCRM) entered opposition.


The parties of the Alliance had used slogans of change, democratization and European integration in the campaign but within a year of the elections, the statements continued while the undermining of democratic standards became an increasing reality in the everyday life of the country.


The new government had begun an unprecedented process of undermining democratic institutions through the intimidation of media that questioned government policy, flagrant violations of the Constitution, human rights abuses, political persecution, widespread politically-motivated sackings and the limitation of the opposition’s rights.



With this press-conference, the organizers would like to briefly review the main violations committed by the government of Moldova, and their conclusions regarding the current political situation.



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