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UN must do all it can to ensure aid reaches the thousands in desperate need in Syria


03 Jun 2016


Global Europe

The S&D Group has called on all parties to agree to a ceasefire to allow aid to reach those most in need across Syria. It also called for the UN to ensure the air drops could proceed safely but immediately to reach those in the most inaccessible places.

S&D Vice President Enrique Guerrero Salom, said:
“All parties need to agree to a ceasefire to ensure that humanitarian aid, including food, can reach those most in need. Delivery aid by road still provides the most efficient and effective means in most cases. However the UN should ensure regular humanitarian access to alleviate suffering across many besieged areas with the use of air drops as a last resort. The World Food Programme, while ensuring the security of their staff and people on the ground, should make every effort to overcome the technical difficulties in delivering food via airdrops.

S&D Spokesperson for development Linda McAvan, said:
“More diplomatic and political pressure must be used by the Member States of the UN security Council to ensure that parties respect international humanitarian law. The priority now must be to facilitate access to humanitarian aid. For this to happen we need to ensure that all neutral humanitarian organisations have full and unimpeded access, regardless of whether they belong to the United Nations, Red Cross/ Red Crescent movement or to other non-governmental organisations. We cannot afford to lose any more time.”