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Udo Bullmann: Sánchez shows leadership and saves lives, while Salvini shows cowardice


Med & South
The leader of the S&D Group, Udo Bullmann, has welcomed the decision by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to allow a ship carrying 629 migrants rescued from the Mediterranean Sea to dock in Valencia. The decision followed the refusal of new Italian Interior Minister to let the boat into Italy.
S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann said:
"This is how Europe should work. We thank Pedro Sánchez for this great gesture of humanity and solidarity. While the new, right-wing populist government in Italy shows its true face and acts irresponsibly, the new Spanish government is doing the right thing and saving more than 600 lives. We are proud of you!
"This shows all the more how urgent it is that Merkel and Co. finally agree to a universally binding solution in which member states share humanitarian responsibility for refugees fairly. When EU Heads of State and Government will meet in Brussels in two weeks, we expect progress on new asylum rules, including an end to the Dublin system - whereby refugees have to apply for asylum in the first EU country they arrive in.”


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