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Udo Bullmann: it is time to stand up and fight for a Europe that protects people


Global Europe
Speaking ahead of tomorrow's Europe Day, S&D Group president Udo Bullmann, says:
“68 years after the Schuman Declaration, the European Union is under attack from populists and anti-Europeans. They are trying to tear the roots from the very community that gave us the longest peace in our history and is our best chance to safeguard and bolster our European model of society in today’s turbulent times.
“It is high time for all democrats and Europeans to stand up and defend our European community and our values against the anti-European populists. Despite its flaws, the European Union is well worth fighting for, and it is worth fighting to make it better.
“The populists have a scapegoat for everything but do not offer a single solution to any real problem. People vote for the Trumps, Le Pens and Orbáns, because they are disaffected with the status quo. Too many have borne the brunt of uncontrolled capitalism, too many are afraid of losing the fruit of their lifetimes’ work, and too many feel left out in an ever faster changing world. Combatting populism will only ever work if we feel the pain of people.
“One year ahead of the European elections, we Socialists and Democrats are renewing our pledge to listen to people, care about their true concerns and make their lives better by tackling problems head on. Globalisation, disruptive digitisation, and the sustainability challenge are turning our societies and economies up-side down. As societies’ engines for positive change, we are committed to transforming technical progress into social progress for all. We fight for a Europe that cares, that protects and that inspires. 
“We will lead the progressive forces into the next European elections to ensure that all Europeans have decent jobs with fair pay, social protection and the hope for a better future.”


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