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Udo Bullmann: European voters sent a clear signal for progressive change


Commenting on the preliminary results of the European elections, S&D Group president Udo Bullmann said
“The European voters have sent a clear signal for change. There is an overwhelming majority for pro-European parties that want to see more sustainability and social justice. The social democratic parties can clearly maintain their role as the strongest progressive force.  
“The people have had enough of the conservative status quo of the last years. Europe needs a new majority for reform which improves the living conditions of people and makes social responsibility, tax justice and climate change their priorities.
“As of tomorrow we will start negotiations about a new alliance with all those who share our ideas and values. For us it is about political content and not primarily about posts.
“The European Parliament must remain the centre of all decision making processes, we owe this to our citizens and electorates.
“Frans Timmermans is the only candidate capable of driving real political change. That is why he must now become EU Commission President supported by a reform majority in the European Parliament.
“Through the increase of far-right and populist groups in many countries, European democracy is challenged. They profit from the often justified discontent of the people, however they fail to provide any real solutions. Instead they plant seeds of hate and thus threaten societal peace and togetherness.
“Our answer is: Europe needs a reform boost which shows that progress is possible if we work together.”