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Trump's unilateral and reckless move to pull out of Iran nuclear deal requires a bold European answer


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After a very regrettable and irresponsible decision made by President Trump to pull-out the US from the Iran Nuclear Deal, the S&Ds called during today’s debate in the European Parliament to do whatever possible to keep this deal in place and protect the European companies from American sanctions. As Trump puts transatlantic relations under additional strain, the EU must stand firm and united, and defend the respect for international norms.
Victor Boştinaru MEP, S&D vice president responsible for the foreign affairs, said:
“The alliance between the US and Western Europe has accomplished great things for decades and the Iran Deal is one of the latest. Now we are obviously very troubled by the US decision to withdraw from that deal. We do not see much sense in doing this apart from only honouring short-term election ambitions. The deal is working and the International Atomic Energy Agency had certified repeatedly that Iran complied with all its commitments.
“Yes, the Iran Nuclear Deal is key for nuclear non-proliferation and should be kept in place for as long as possible. This is key for global peace and security and is in the interest of the entire international community, including the US and Iran. The credibility of the US negotiating future nuclear agreements, notably with North Korea, is at stake today and I can only hope for the North Korean deal to be as ambitious as the Iranian one. 
“We live turbulent times : it is therefore key for the European Union to stand firm and united and ensure we structure a clear European stance defending the respect of international law while engaging with the rest of the world.”
The European Parliament’s rapporteur on Iran and S&D spokesperson on foreign affairs, Knut Fleckenstein, added:
“The Iran nuclear deal has proven to be effective: it ensures Tehran doesn't develop nuclear weapons in exchange for the sanctions relief. So, it is a win-win solution for both - the international community and Iran. Iran is fully complying with its commitments, the US is not. By withdrawing from the deal, President Trump willingly disrespected international norms and undermined the whole international regime against nuclear proliferation.
“Trump's unilateral and reckless move requires a bold European answer. We therefore welcome the Commission's clear stand on the Iran Nuclear Accord, including the two adopted acts to activate the Blocking Statute and to remove all obstacles for the European Investment Bank to finance economic activities in Iran. Additionally, we need to work on a consistent European approach towards Iran and to start discussing the establishment of an EU mission in Tehran.
“In these challenging times the EU must stay a credible partner. A political and economic commitment by Europe that visibly benefits Iranian citizens will help Iranian policymakers to justify restraint in face of Trump’s withdrawal. We can now demonstrate that the Union is determined to safeguard stability in the Middle East and to preserve the security of Europe, its neighbours and international partners through joint action.”