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Time to turn the page of austerity and build a stable and sustainable future for Greece, says Udo Bullmann


Euro & Finance
Ahead of today's crucial Eurogroup meeting, S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann calls on the Eurogroup to reach a workable agreement for a fair exit of Greece from its current adjustment programme.
S&D Group president, Udo Bullmann, stated:
“The moment is historic, both for Greece and for Europe. European finance ministers must now agree on the terms of exit from the third adjustment programme and ensure the country can stand on its own two feet. What we need to see are lasting solutions that foster a sustainable economic and social development in Greece and the Eurozone. Nobody has an interest in missing this historic moment!”
“It’s time that we turn a page for Greece! After eight years, three bailout programmes, and 450 plus reform measures, this painful episode for Greek citizens must come to an end. Many Greeks have had to go through hard times as part of this crisis. Still, Greek citizens remain exceptionally committed to the European project and the Eurozone. We cannot let them down.” 
“The Greek economy is recovering and moving in the right direction. This shows that the serious work and good cooperation between the Greek government and its creditors under the current programme is paying off.  Now it is time for the Eurogroup to follow through with the implementation of the agreed steps. This includes the arrangements for effective debt relief measures that were validated by the Eurogroup in May 2016.”
“Member states and the European Institutions must draw lessons from recent history and avoid repeating the same mistakes. The financial crisis proved that the path of austerity leads nowhere good, only to a vicious cycle of recession and more pain. We must seize the opportunity to build a better Europe for our citizens: a European Union that stands together in solidarity and is strong and united in the face of internal and external challenges. To this end, deepening the European Monetary Union and completing the Banking Union is crucial.”


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