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Time for America to be a responsible team player again!


09 Nov 2020



The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament warmly congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their victory in the United States presidential elections, and call on President Trump to accept his defeat and respect the people’s vote.

S&D leader Iratxe García Pérez MEP said:  

“The American people have spoken. Despite the tight race, Joe Biden has achieved a historic victory, receiving more votes than any presidential candidate ever.

“The United States is a great country and a long-consolidated democracy. Despite Donald Trump’s false and dangerous fraud claims, which try to cast doubt on the integrity of the US’ institutions and the electoral process, Joe Biden is already trying to bring back unity and reconciliation to American society.

“With this change of colour in the White House, Europe and the Socialists and Democrats have gained a strong progressive ally who will work together with us to face the global challenges that we share. Furthermore, we want to celebrate the fact that Kamala Harris will become American’s first female vice-president.”

S&D vice-president for foreign affairs, Kati Piri MEP, said:

“This is very good news indeed and a great relief! After four years of hostilities from Trump, it’s time for a US president who takes his job seriously and stands with democracies and not dictators.

“For us, the Socialists and Democrats, this is also the time to start working for a new strong transatlantic alliance between progressive forces. I have no doubt that the Biden presidency will mark a return to the American leadership that deeply believes in democracy, cares about human rights and joins with us to build a new multilateral global order. We are delighted that Joe Biden has announced that on the first day in office he will bring the United States back to the Paris Climate Agreement. We call on the Republican Party to support the new president in his efforts to turn America again into a responsible team player. Europe must play its part as a global partner too.

“In order to underscore the importance of our reinforced transatlantic alliance, our Group is proposing to invite President Biden to the European Parliament, the House of European Democracy, for his first foreign visit after his inauguration. After more than six years, it is also time for a new EU-US summit to address common challenges together again.”

Tonino Picula MEP, the European Parliament’s lead negotiator on US relations and S&D spokesperson on foreign affairs, added:

“With the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris we can finally rebuild and strengthen transatlantic relations and work together for a multilateral system, based on fair rules, shared values, democracy and the rule of law. We have to work together to face the rise of populism, and illiberal and undemocratic forces inside and outside our countries.

“The transatlantic alliance is essential and it needs to be invigorated, because the list of issues we need to get to work on together is very long. We must of course fight the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences, but also stop climate change, reduce inequalities, reform the World Trade Organisation and regulate the tech, social media and financial industries. Finally we have to address threats from autocratic regimes, including interference in democratic processes and elections.”