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Sustainable Energy Week 2014 - Smart metering implementation in Europe: A year on


01 Apr 2014



Smart metering has been identified by the EU institutions as an important tool for the achievement of the EU’s ambitious 20-20-20 goals, it is therefore directly aligned with the EUSEW goals. Smart metering, combined with direct consumer feedback, has been shown to increase energy efficiency by 5-15%, and in some cases even up to 20%. This demonstrates the importance of smart metering as an enabler of energy efficiency and energy savings.

Moreover, the achievement of the climate and energy targets (20% increase in energy efficiency, 20% reduction of CO2 emissions, and 20% renewables by 2020) depends on the reconfiguration of the European electricity grid into a “smart grid”, but integral to the success of the smart grid project is a change in consumer behaviour and more specifically engagement in the form of demand response. Smart metering is considered to be at the core of these challenges. Given the potential of smart metering to contribute to the 20-20-20 goals, the European Union set itself the ambitious target in the Electricity Directive of equipping 80% of European consumers with smart metering systems by 2020.

Within this context, the proposed event will deal with the most relevant topics associated to smart metering, including the current status of deployments in Europe, the latest findings in terms of lessons learned and recommendations, and consumer understanding and engagement.

The event will be co-organised by two well-established European associations, ESMIG (the European Smart Metering Industry Group, which was also an official associate of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign), and EDSO (European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids), coordinator of the Meter-ON project, as well as by the European Commission’s JRC (Joint Research Centre). High level speakers coming from all three partners, as well as from the Meter-ON project consortium, will take part in the HLPC.  The proposed conference is the follow-up to last year’s successful HLPC organised by EDSO and ESMIG under the title “Smart Metering in Europe. Are we on track?”.

For more information on ESMIG's paritcipation in SEW 2014, please contact Zoi Mylona, Communications & Operations Officer.