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Steel from Solar Energy A Techno-Economic Assessment of Green Steel Manufacturing



Political developments in recent months have demonstrated the need for a secure and independent energy supply for Europe. The success of the energy transition is linked to the accelerated introduction of a green hydrogen economy, in addition to the increased expansion of renewable energies. 

Yesterday, during the Smarter E, one of the world’s leading exhibition and conference series for new energy solutions, Hydrogen Europe launched its Steel from Solar Energy study. The aim of the study, supported by The smarter E Europe, is to show the conditions under which steel can be produced economically from iron ore using hydrogen from renewable energy sources.
Produced in a climate-friendly way and without fossil fuels, green hydrogen is versatile and is considered an important component of the EU Green Deal in order to achieve climate neutrality. The “Steel from Solar Energy” study analyzes the feasibility, framework conditions and economic viability of decarbonizing the steel industry by using renewably produced hydrogen
Specifically, the study provides evidence that steel production from iron ore with hydrogen produced from renewable energy is possible. The steelmaking process is responsible for around four percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in Europe - so using green hydrogen can make a significant difference in terms of climate neutrality. The study also reveals the challenges that the hydrogen economy will have to deal with.