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Stage V Regulation - Extension of transition deadlines becomes EU law


17 Jul 2020


Agriculture & Food
CEMA, CECE, EGMF, EUnited, Europegen, FEM

Regulation (EU) 2020/1040 to amend Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 on Stage V emissions from non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) was published today 17th July on the Official Journal of the European Union. This final step of the legislative process confirms that the 12-months extension of certain transitional provisions is officially EU law and is applicable retroactively from 1st July 2020.

This amendment to the Stage V Regulation extends by 12 months the 30th June and 31st December 2020 deadlines for the production and placing on the market of NRMM and tractors fitted with transition engines <56kW and ≥130kW.

The European industry associations representing NRMM manufacturers, namely CECE, CEMA, EGMF, EUnited Municipal Equipment & Cleaning, Europgen and FEM, warmly welcome the positive conclusion of this process.

This fundamental political success obtained by the united NRMM industry allows machinery manufacturers to avoid economic damage and unnecessary waste of raw materials and resources since the transition engines were already built in 2018 and would otherwise have to be scrapped.

It should be noted that NRMM and tractors fitted with transition engines between 56kW and 130kW are not affected by this extension and retain the applicable 2021 deadlines.

Therefore, the sector calls on the European Commission to continue to monitor the effect of COVID-19 on the industry and conduct a timely assessment of this impact regarding upcoming deadlines, submitting a new report to Parliament and undertaking new legislative actions as appropriate.

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About CEMA

CEMA ( is the association representing the European agricultural machinery industry. With 11 national member associations, the CEMA network represents both large multinational companies and numerous European SMEs active in this sector. The industry comprises about 7,000 manufacturers, producing more than 450 different types of machines with an annual turnover of about €40 billion (EU28 - 2016) and 150,000 direct employees. CEMA companies produce a large range of machines that cover any activity in the field from seeding to harvesting, as well as equipment for livestock management.

Contact: Jérôme Bandry, Secretary General,

About CECE

CECE, the Committee for European Construction Equipment, represents the interests of 1,200 construction equipment manufacturers through national trade associations in 13 European countries: Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Russia and Turkey. CECE manufacturers generate € 40 billion in yearly revenue, export a sizeable part of the production, employ around 300.000 people overall. They invest and innovate continuously to deliver equipment with highest productivity and lowest environmental impact. Efficiency, safety and high-precision technologies are key.

Contact: Riccardo Viaggi, Secretary General,

About EGMF

The European Garden Machinery Industry Federation – EGMF – has been the voice of the garden machinery industry in Europe since 1977. With 30 European corporate members and 7 National Associations representing manufacturers of garden, landscaping, forestry and turf maintenance equipment, EGMF has the most powerful network in this sector in Europe.   

Contact: Anne Claire Rasselet, Secretary General,


The members of EUnited Cleaning are the major European manufacturers of cleaning systems for commercial and industrial use. The manufacturers offer high-tech solutions for floor and high pressure cleaning.

Contact: Dr. Peter Hug, Managing Director,

The EUnited Municipal Equipment sector represents the leading manufacturers of mobile machines used in municipalities and other public areas. We are the largest European network and service provider for the sector.

Contact: Frank Diedrich, Managing Director,


Established circa 1987 is the European Association for the Generating set industry within Europe. Its aim is to advise all its members of the new directives and information within this industry and promote unity.

Contact: Paul Blything, Secretary General,

About FEM

Founded in 1953, the European Materials Handling Federation represents, defends and promotes European manufacturers of materials handling, lifting and storage equipment. FEM consists of 15 members. Together, they speak for more than 1,000 companies (mostly SMEs) employing 300,000 people and with an annual production value of €62 billion.

Contact: Olivier Janin, Secretary General,

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