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Special committee on terrorism must focus on practical results


14 Sep 2017



The European Parliament’s new special committee on terrorism met for the first time today. S&D MEPs outlined how they want the new committee to work, focusing on practical improvements to intelligence sharing.

S&D Group vice-president responsible for the committee Elena Valenciano said:

“Keeping our citizens safe is our number one priority but we can only do that if we ensure that their fundamental rights are protected. Terrorism threatens our security, our way of life and our values. It is indispensable that we advance towards much ambitious and efficient EU policies to fight terrorism. We haven't done even half of what we should and could, and the EP has an important role to play in improving the mechanisms at hand.”

S&D Group Spokesperson for the special committee Ana Gomes said:

“There is no magic bullet to fight terrorism. To reduce the risk of terror attacks, we need coherent domestic and foreign policies, including social inclusion to tackle radicalisation. These policies must be set out and coordinated at a national and European level.

“As well as information exchange among law enforcement agencies, the committee should look at how intelligence analysis can be reinforced and the new cyber security challenges we face; all the while ensuring measures do not threaten our citizen’s basic rights.

“We must also look at the funding of terrorist groups and ensure anti-money laundering controls are effective and that EU financial and tax loopholes are not being exploited by terrorists or organised criminals.”




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