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Solvents Award finalists show innovation in sustainability & digitalisation


15 Jul 2019


Brussels, 24 June 2019- The European Solvents Industry Group, ESIG, a sector group of Cefic, is pleased to announce the selection of five finalists for the Solvents Award 2019: ANNO Chemicals (“Save the World - Save a Solvent”), Azelis (“Happy Care”), Brenntag (“ConnectingChemistry”), Honeywell Aerospace Toulouse (“Varnish removal process’ improvement”), and Packwise GmbH (“Smart IBC industrial containers”). The five shortlisted candidates showcase innovations of solvents’ downstream users in the fields of sustainability and digitalization.
  •  ANNO Chemicals brings the concept of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ into life by recovering solvents that would otherwise be thrown away due to handling deviations or contaminations.
  • Azelis has developed biodegradable, non-hazardous and sustainable solvents for different cleaning and degreasing activities.
  • Brenntag ’s campaign, “ConnectingChemistry”, aims at ensuring the longevity of the solvents industry by promoting their safe use, and managing the transition from traditional to new products.
  • Honeywell Aerospace’s project aims at replacing a cleaning process based on a solvent blend with a safer and more reliable solvent while simplifying overall operations.
  • Packwise innovates in the field of distribution. Its smart IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) can be managed into automated circuits to gain better control and insight into the supply chain.
Cornelia Tietz, ESIG Secretary General, said: “By relaunching the Solvents Award this year, our goal was to promote innovative and responsible best practice initiatives to achieve health, safety and environmental excellence, enhance product performance, better cooperate with the value chain, or reach out to society. I am delighted to see that the five shortlisted projects really demonstrate how downstream users of solvents innovate to make sure solvents are used in a safe, sustainable and forward-looking manner.
A jury made up of senior representatives from the EU institutions, trade press and trade organisations will select the winner over the summer. The winner will be announced in autumn and will receive the Award trophy during a European event relating to the area of its project later this year.
For further information, please contact the ESIG secretariat at
For more information please contact:
Cornelia Tietz, ESIG Secretariat
Tel.: +32 (0)2 436 94 91
About ESIG
ESIG brings together Europe’s majorproducers of oxygenated and hydrocarbon solvents. By building alliances with industry partners and downstream users, ESIG actively promotes the safe use and handling of solvents.