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Smart Move for sustainable EU growth


22 May 2012



European leaders should seize the opportunity at the EU summit in Brussels this week and on June 28/29 to boost growth in Europe by actively supporting the Smart Move of doubling collective passenger transport by bus and coach to bring affordable and socially inclusive door-to-door mobility to all at the lowest cost to taxpayers.

Brussels – EU leaders should seize the opportunity at this week’s summit and the EU summit of June 28/29 to give priority to making the Smart Move to double the use of collective passenger transport, which could bring both immediate and long-term benefits to European citizens. Smart travel choices are already helping EU citizens shift their mobility and travel behaviour towards low cost, low carbon and highly affordable door-to-door bus and coach services in combination with other collective transport modes.

“Europe could reach the ambitious objectives of its 2020 Growth Strategy on employment, innovation, social inclusion, climate and energy at the lowest costs to taxpayers, if it actively supports the Smart Move of doubling collective passenger transport by road”, said Yves Mannaerts, President of the IRU Passenger Transport Council. 

Doubling the use of collective bus and coach transport could potentially create 4 million new green and stable jobs in the EU, almost double the current 2.3 million jobs in the European car manufacturing sector, while eliminating congestion in European cities, reducing CO2 emissions by 50 million tonnes per year, and road fatalities by 3,000 per year.

“Only by placing buses and coaches at the heart of transport policy making and setting clear policy and business targets to make the Smart Move of increasing their use – indeed to double it in the next 10 years as part of the EU 2020 Growth Strategy - can leaders create the necessary conditions and incentives to produce a shift in customers’ behaviour and achieve efficient and sustainable mobility for all EU citizens and visitors”, concluded Mr Mannaerts.

Buses, coaches and taxis are the backbone of seamless door-to-door mobility in the European travel chain and an optimal response to current and future mobility challenges. They not only complement and empower other commercial transport modes, but are the closest competitor and substitute of the private car thanks to their unparalleled flexibility. As such, they will inevitably contribute more than any other commercial passenger transport mode to achieving the extremely ambitious objectives of the EU 2020 Growth Agenda.

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