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“Smart Move”: doubling the use of collective passenger transport in the EU


03 Dec 2009



European private bus and coach industry calls upon decision makers to make the “Smart Move” of setting the concrete objective of doubling the use of collective bus and coach transport in the future White Paper on the European Transport Policy.

Brussels – On the first European Bus and Coach Day, the European private bus and coach industry, represented by the IRU, called upon EU policy decision makers to set the objective of doubling the use of collective passenger transport by bus and coach in the future EU White Paper on European Transport Policy.

This would be a “Smart Move” since realising this objective in Europe alone would dramatically cut CO2 emissions by at least 50 million tonnes per year, effectively reduce road fatalities by over 3000 per year, and significantly diminish congestion in cities due to an expected 10-15% reduction in car traffic at zero cost to taxpayers and importantly create 4 million new jobs!

IRU Vice President, Graham Smith, said: “Doubling the use of bus and coach transport in the EU is not only a realistic policy and business objective, but it is also a most commendable approach from a public interest point of view. Buses and coaches, together with taxis, complement and can successfully compete with the private car, with much better environmental and safety performances. Designing policies that promote and incentivise a greater use of buses and coaches is a ‘Smart Move’ towards achieving sustainable mobility at the least cost to society.”

Some 200 business leaders, Members of the European Parliament, representatives from EU Member States, EU institutions and NGOs attended the various events on the occasion of the first European Bus and Coach Day including: a dedicated workshop on the role of and challenges facing private bus and coach transport operations, a display of the Bus and Coach of the Year Award on the esplanade of the European Parliament, as well as the European Inauguration of the “Smart Move” campaign, hosted by MEP Michael Cramer (Greens/EFA).

Each event highlighted that buses and coaches are a “Smart Move” since they are the safest, most environmentally-friendly, flexible, efficient, affordable and inclusive means of transport. Moreover, it is hard to ignore that if used effectively, they are the best solution to a range of current mobility-related challenges, such as CO2 emissions, congestion, road safety, connectivity with other transport modes and social integration.

Make the Smart Move and support the campaign! 

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