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SGI Europe welcomes the proposed inclusion of nuclear and natural gas in the EU taxonomy framework


03 Feb 2022



Today (2 February), the European Commission adopted its complementary delegated act (CDA) on nuclear and natural gas in the EU taxonomy. Representing employers and enterprises providing public services and services of general interest, SGI Europe welcomes this important step to reach the EU climate goals.

Commenting on the CDA, Valeria Ronzitti, SGI Europe General Secretary, said:

"SGI Europe welcomes the complementary delegated act and the inclusion of nuclear and gas in the EU taxonomy framework. This proposal helps recognise the contribution of these two activities to the energy transition. SGI Europe is committed to making the EU taxonomy a success in achieving the EU climate ambitions by relying on a balanced and science-based EU Sustainable Finance Mechanism. "

"Regarding gas, we welcome the flexibility provided by the CDA to meet the requirements, the different threshold values, as well as the extension of the deadlines. For SGI providers, the proposed criteria for classification of gas as a sustainable economic activity are still very demanding, even for the most modern gas plants. For our members, achieving the energy transition affordably and realistically will remain a costly and significant challenge."

"For SGI Europe, nuclear is eligible to be included in the scope of the EU taxonomy, in line with the findings of the JRC report "Technical assessment of nuclear energy with respect to the 'do no significant harm' criteria of Regulation (EU) 2020/852 ('Taxonomy Regulation')". We welcome its proposed inclusion in the scope of the EU taxonomy: nuclear is an integral part of the solution to decarbonise the EU by 2050. Given its low carbon footprint, the increase of energy demand (especially in electricity) and fluctuating renewables, SGI Europe sees investments in nuclear absolutely necessary to meet the future energy needs of the EU economy.”

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