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‘Sexy’ insulation a hit at Bright Green in Copenhagen


04 Jan 2010


Climate & Environment

Brussels, 18 December 2009 – President Obama has recently praised insulation as ‘sexy’, in terms of its win-win capacity of saving money on energy bills for consumers, while at the same time tackling change. With that in mind, it is no wonder that the topic of energy efficiency in buildings is proving to be so popular for delegates in Copenhagen. 

The Polyurethanes industry, which produces the most efficient insulating materials on the market, participated as an exhibitor at the Bright Green Expo in Forum Copenhagen from 12 to 13 December. Their large and interactive stand attracted over a thousand visitors over the two-day period. The exhibition, sponsored by ISOPA, the European polyurethane raw material producers, and PU Europe representing the European polyurethane insulation industry, took place in parallel to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15).  

The Polyurethanes exhibit attracted a large number of visitors, as it highlighted the critical role of insulation in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrated the environmental and economic performance of polyurethane insulation products for low energy buildings. The stand also showcased some of the other environmental benefits of polyurethanes such as its energy efficient use in refrigerators which have models that are now 60% more efficient than refrigerators were 15 years ago. 

“There are still many who don’t realise that building insulation offers the largest CO2 savings potential of all energy efficiency improvement measures” said Wolfram Frank, Secretary General of ISOPA. “Having talked to so many policymakers over the last two days, we are getting the sense that politicians from around the world are waking up to this and that they are starting to realise that insulation is not only integral to fighting climate change but that it will save people money as well.” 

Oliver Loebel, Secretary General of PU Europe, commented: “We need to create awareness around presently available solutions that will make a big difference and that can already be introduced now. Insulating buildings to optimal standards is really the low hanging fruit in the whole fight against climate change and could reduce global CO2 emissions by 20%.” 

Now that policymakers are waking up to this sexy appeal, it is up to them and the industry as a whole to incentivise the public into seeing the attraction.

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ISOPA is the European Diisocyanate and Polyol Producers Trade Association. Diisocyanates and Polyols are the main building blocks for polyurethanes. ISOPA promotes the highest standards of best practice in the distribution and use of these raw materials, ensures that all stakeholders can easily access accurate and up-to-date information on diisocyanates and polyols, and shows how polyurethanes help fulfil society's present and future needs. ISOPA’s eight members are Bayer Material Science, BorsodChem, Dow, Elastogran, Huntsman, Perstorp, Repsol, and Shell Chemicals. 

PU Europe was originally founded in 1981 as BING to become the European voice for the National trade associations representing the rigid urethane insulation industry. Today PU Europe represents foam producers, raw material suppliers and component manufacturers from eleven EU Member States. The involvement of the entire value chain means that PU Europe is able to access and disseminate solid scientific data and life cycle information on polyurethane insulation products. 


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