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S&Ds welcome political agreement on the modernisation of political and trade partnership between the EU and Chile


09 Dec 2022


Global Europe

The Socialists and Democrats welcome today’s announcement of the political agreement to update the trade part of the EU - Chile Association Agreement. It is a step forward in promoting global sustainable trade with our progressive partners in Latin America.

This is one of the most modern EU agreements, confirming the shared values and the common commitment of the EU and Chile in the fight against climate change. Both sides also re-affirmed their commitment to sustainable development. Apart from trade-related provisions on labour and environment, the agreement will also, for the first time in an EU trade agreement, include specific chapters on gender equality, and trade and sustainable food systems.

The S&D Group will now scrutinise the agreement in details.

Inma Rodríguez-Piñero, the S&D spokeperson on trade and the chair of the European Parliament Chile Joint Parliamentary Committee, said: 

"Today we have very good news related to the Latin America! With a recently installed progressive government, Chile is one of our closest partners. The modernised EU-Chile agreement will allow us to strengthen our political and economical ties by fostering trade and investment opportunities. Better access and sustainable investment in critical raw materials such as lithium will directly contribute to advancing our shared green ambitions.

"The S&D Group has long been in favour of this modernisation. A key objective for us is of course promoting sustainable development by including trade-related provisions on labour and environment. We have long stated that the provisions should step up ambitions on climate change and be compatible with objectives of the EU Green Deal. The S&D Group also welcomes the joint commitment to review the TSD (Trade Sustainable Development) chapter."

Margarida Marques, the S&D shadow rapporteur on this file, added:

"The modernisation of the agreement EU-Chile is of key geopolitical importance and it comes at the right time! We need to boost this EU’s long-standing partnership with Chile, strengthen both partners’ economic resilience and support countries in tackling increasing global challenges.

"It’s crucial for the EU to diversify imports and strengthen security in its supply chains for greater strategic autonomy, while confirming our shared values and the common commitment of the EU and Chile in promoting trade and sustainable development and in the fight against climate change."