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S&Ds: We are shaping a sustainable and green mobility in the EU. Charging must become as easy as fuelling


19 Oct 2022



The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation is going to be voted tomorrow by the European Parliament. Thanks to the endorsement of the plenary, this Regulation will play a key role in the Fit for 55 package and into the transition towards a successful decarbonisation of the transport sector.

EU Parliament rapporteur and S&D member, Ismail Ertug, declared:

“Transport and mobility are an essential part of our society, impacting not only millions of European citizens’ daily lives, but also our climate very heavily. Hence, to make mobility clean and sustainable, we need our citizens on board and we need to facilitate this joint effort by making charging as easy as refuelling.

“With this Regulation, we are creating the framework conditions for climate-neutral transport in Europe. Travel by road, train, boat or plane, the EU member states will have to install European charging infrastructures for every mode of transport.

“Thanks to the European Parliament’s proposal, we are improving the coverage and performance of charging stations, including hydrogen ones. Cars should be able to recharge every 60 km by 2025 and refuel hydrogen every 100 km by 2027. Charging stations must be accessible to all drivers, regardless of vehicle brand.

“Card payment will be mandatory. To increase transparency, operators of charging stations will have to display the ad-hoc price in ‘price per kWh’. This regulation is shaping the Europe of tomorrow. A tomorrow we want to be sustainable, clean and affordable for all.”