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S&Ds: Violence in Sudan must stop immediately. Dialogue is the only way towards a democratic transition and new elections


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Following the deadly military crackdown on protesters in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, which has prompted global concern, the S&Ds call for an immediate end to the violent attacks on pro-democracy protesters and for the resumption of dialogue for a peaceful and democratic transition towards new elections.
S&D Group leader in the European Parliament, Udo Bullmann, stated:
“Violence is never a viable solution, it only heightens the problem. The brutal repression against protesters and civilians carried out by paramilitary units in Sudan must stop immediately and the perpetrators persecuted by law. Dialogue remains the only solution to ensure an ordinated transition towards democratic and transparent new elections in Sudan. 
“The international community cannot remain silent and motionless in the face of these brutal massacres. The Chinese and Russian attempts to block any UN actions aimed at restoring peace on the ground is to be firmly condemned, as well as the constant interference of foreign powers such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.   
“Should further violence erupt again, EU member states should immediately reassess targeted sanctions to defend the right to peaceful protests and to facilitate a democratic future for the Sudanese people.” 


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