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S&Ds urges the EU Commission to finally put a legal limit on trans fatty acids (TFAs) to save lives


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The S&D Group urges the European Commission to finally present a legal limit on industrial added trans fatty acids (TFAs) at a European level for the food industry, as called for in the European Parliament’s resolution of October 2016. The Commission has the responsibility and the duty to do its utmost to prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases, infertility, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and obesity, which can all be caused by TFAs.
The S&D coordinator in the environment and health committee, Miriam Dalli MEP, said:
“Denmark has introduced a legal limit, whilst countries like Malta have issued national dietary recommendations on trans fatty acids (TFAs), a type of unsaturated fatty acid widely used in the food industry. Evidence shows that trans fats increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, infertility, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and obesity. Unfortunately, this awareness is not spread across the EU and it is the European Commission’s responsibility to propose an EU legal limit on the industrial TFAs content of all foods.
“It is high time that the European Commission stops ignoring the European Parliament’s resolution - approved two years ago - which would ultimately benefit our citizens’ health and improve their wellbeing.” 
The S&D author of the Parliament's resolution on TFAs, Daciana Sârbu MEP, added:
"We have called on the European Commission to introduce legal limits on industrial trans fats in processed food. Trans fats are associated with a significant risk of disease, and also with a potential to widen health inequalities, which must not be ignored.
“We already have examples of such regulations producing positive results. There is no time to wait or test weaker solutions – strong, urgent policies are needed, proven measures should be applied to save lives.
“This is a clear example of a targeted measure which can directly address a dietary cause of cardiovascular disease in order to improve public health. There is no reason to delay action!
“The Commission should act now, decisively and courageously, to protect European citizens from serious health risks.”


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