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S&Ds urge housing plan to ensure better future for young Europeans


13 Dec 2023


Global Europe

The Socialists and Democrats are determined to help young Europeans who are struggling with the housing crisis and high costs of living. With this objective, the Group has requested today’s plenary debate to call attention to the urgent need for a European housing plan that will ensure affordable and decent homes for everyone.

Pedro Marques, S&D vice-president responsible for a social Europe, said:

“Many young people today are struggling with living standards that are worse than those of their parents’. Students are unable to study at their preferred university because they cannot rent a room. Young workers grapple with low wages, even after five years of higher education. Many couples are unable to start a family. The writing is on the wall – we risk failing an entire generation.

“We asked for the debate on this in the European Parliament because we care for the young generation and because we believe that Europe has to be part of the solution. We urge a housing plan that ensures affordable and decent homes for all.

“Europe needs more social, public, cooperative and affordable housing. This includes more European funding and better conditions for long-term public investment, but also changes to the state aid system, notably defining housing a service of general economic interest.

“The cost of living crisis has left many people with lighter grocery bags, but heavier bills. That is why our political family brought forward the Bring the Bills Down initiative, asking for direct support to citizens.

“Furthermore, the S&Ds are determined to ensure that the Porto Summit was not some beauty contest. It must bring results – improve the youth guarantee, impose a ban on unpaid traineeships, and boost the child guarantee. The agreement reached last night on the platform work legislation is a great victory and a good example of the social pillar in action.

“Making Europe more social is not just the right thing; it is also the smart thing. Europeans are asking for it. Our message is clear: you can count on us to build a Europe that works for young people. We are committed to delivering a better future for the next generation, defending your rights and equality, while protecting democracy and fundamental rights from the far right.”