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S&Ds: thanks to the Social Climate Fund we will ensure a green transition with a red heart


21 Jun 2022


Climate & Environment

Thanks to the S&D Group’s relentless efforts, the European Parliament is set to adopt tomorrow concrete measures to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 - compared to 1990 levels - as set out in the Fit for 55 package and in line with the European Climate Law’s aim of making Europe the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050.

The S&Ds have been fighting for a green transition with a red heart. The Social Climate Fund is the core measure to achieve this goal. As progressives, we made sure that all the measures in the Fit for 55 package are accompanied by solid social justice and solidarity mechanisms that offset the costs, to ensure that this transition not only occurs, but is also socially fair.

S&D MEP and rapporteur for the environment committee, Petar Vitanov, said:

“We want to ensure a green transition so that the EU can meet its climate ambitions and Climate Law targets. However, achieving these goals should not come at the expense of the most vulnerable, their incomes or jobs. The Social Climate Fund the European Parliament is about to approve will ensure this.

“The Social Climate Fund will enable European citizens to be supported by the resources generated by climate policies. Furthermore, the revenue stemming from the Emissions Trading Scheme will become an effective tool against energy poverty.

“As a socialist, I am proud we have managed to reach a compromise whereby much of this revenue will go to energy-efficiency measures, zero-emission mobility investments and measures to help reduce the number of vulnerable households.

“A green transition with a red heart.”

S&D MEP and rapporteur for the employment committee, Klára Dobrev, added:

“We have to understand that Europe can only be successful in our climate goals and achieving energy independence with the people on board.

“That’s why it is our duty to help those who are struggling to make ends meet every month.

“The Social Climate Fund will provide direct support to cover and lower the energy expenses of millions of people. This is a historic achievement for the EU.”




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