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S&Ds successfully pushed the European Parliament to condemn the killings at the Gaza border


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The Socialists and Democrats played a leading role in adopting today a resolution by the European Parliament to condemn the killings and the injuring of many Palestinians by the Israeli army at the border with the Gaza Strip over the past three weeks.
S&D Group vice-president Elena Valenciano said:
“We managed to gain a strong resolution from the European Parliament. Using live ammunition against protestors who do not represent an imminent threat to life or serious injury is a crime. This why we call for independent and transparent investigations into these events. We also stress the right of Israel to defend its legitimate security interests while using proportionate means.
“The protests will continue in the coming weeks. Therefore, the priority must be to avoid any further loss of lives and the escalation of violence. Israel must not use lethal force against unarmed protestors, while the organisers of the demonstrations should ensure that protests be non-violent and cannot be exploited by Hamas or any other militant group for other means.”
S&D Group negotiator Norbert Neuser added:
“We are deeply concerned about the warning in various UN reports that the Gaza Strip may become unliveable by 2020.
“The Israeli blockade and Hamas rule have resulted in an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 1.3 million people, 70% of the population, are in need of humanitarian aid. This cannot be accepted and tolerated by the international community, and requires immediate action.
“It is in this spirit that the resolution calls for an immediate and unconditional end to the blockade, and applauds the work of UNRWA.
“Terror attacks against Israel from the Gaza Strip by Hamas and other militant groups continue. Hamas keeps the population under pressure and curtails basic freedoms in the area. Therefore, the return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza is a top priority.”


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