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S&Ds: The SDG clock is ticking. 10 years left to achieve sustainable development


18 Sep 2020



The COVID-19 pandemic is still holding the world under its spell. Inequalities are worsening worldwide and putting many achievements of recent years in danger. The UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are key in the struggle for amelioration. Today, Friday 18 September, marks an important day in this struggle. The first ever annual ‘SDG Moment’ will be held virtually to highlight shortcomings in implementation and investment, and to set out a vision for delivering the SDGs over the course of the United Nation’s ‘Decade of Action’ plan. 

The S&D Group welcomes UN Secretary General António Guterres’ call on all sectors of society to mobilise for a decade of action on three levels: global, local and people, including governments, civil society and many other stakeholders.

S&D coordinator in the development committee, Udo Bullmann, said: 

“We only have 10 years left for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We call on the UN member states who have signed the Agenda to maintain the SDGs as a top international priority, demonstrating the power and willingness needed in order to make these goals a reality. We have to eradicate injustices as well as extreme poverty and reverse the effects of climate change.

“The Socialists and Democrats are European pioneers in the field of sustainable development. We are fully committed to the implementation of the SDGs as the only roadmap to an equitable, sustainable and fair future for the planet and its people.

 “This SDG Moment is needed as a mid-term evaluation of ongoing projects and initiatives in order to better plan for the next 10 years. The clock is ticking. Now is the time to assess which are the major problems with the implementation of the SDGs and tackle them head on.”


The SDG Moment is an annual event mandated by Heads of State and Government in the 2019 SDG Summit’s Political Declaration aiming to provide an ‘annual SDG check-in’ and snapshot of progress. It builds on the most recent High-level Political Forum (HLPF) sessions, highlights shortfalls in implementation and investment, and showcases interventions underway to increase action. In 2020, the first SDG Moment will take place on Friday morning (GMT-4), 18 September.

You can follow the event live via this link, starting at 8:00 AM in New York, which is 14:00 PM in Brussels.


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