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S&Ds: Niger is becoming a model of solidarity and security on migration management. Member states must further invest in development


At the end of the mission to Niger from 19 to 22 November, where an S&D delegation met with, among others, the president of the National Assembly, the Finance and Foreign Affairs ministers, and visited the UNHCR refugees and asylum seekers centre in Niamey, the IOM transit centre the EUCAP Sahel mission in Agadez, we are happy to say that Niger is becoming, for the whole Sahel region and for some European member states too, a genuine model of the right balance between solidarity, security and the fight against human smugglers.
S&D vice-president, Tanja Fajon, stated:
“We acknowledge the huge financial and political effort put forward by the Nigerien authority and we encourage them to further invest on development, education and sustainable agriculture in order to dramatically and widely increase the population’s living standards.
“We applaud the EU and international organizations’ support to Niger. By investing in programmes that facilitate political stability, economic development, democracy and security, we pave the way for a better future in Niger and Africa. This will also have a direct and positive effect on Europe.”
S&D development spokesperson, Norbert Neuser MEP, added:
“Populists and nationalists in Europe should realise that the best way to prevent further migratory flows is to ensure financial support for a sustainable and lasting development in Africa, as well as ensure the G5 Sahel joint forces are well equipped to fight back against terrorism and organized crime. Without sustainable development, there can be no security in Europe nor in Africa.
“In order to beef up a durable development, the Nigerien Authorities should, however, adopt measures to maintain the birth rate in a more balanced ratio against the growth of the economy.”
S&D foreign affairs spokesperson, Knut Fleckenstein MEP, stated:
“The EU and the member states have to fulfil their commitments to help under-developed countries to successfully tackle the root causes of migration: poverty, lack of education, climate change and unemployment. We Europeans should understand that African problems are our problems and that building a wall will not prevent possible spill-over effects on our societies. We have to do more, in a more efficient way now.
“Otherwise we will have to deal tomorrow with these unresolved issues at a much higher cost to Europe. The Socialists and Democrats will stick to their words and keep on calling on the EU and the member states to do the same.”


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