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S&Ds: international community should double the efforts to end the war in Syria


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As the EU-UN second conference on the Future of Syria started today in Brussels, the Socialists and Democrats call on the EU members states for further ambitious pledges for Syrians in need, and reaffirm the call to the international community to intensify the efforts to end the war in Syria. As long as the war continues, the suffering of people will not end.  
S&D Group, vice-president on foreign affairs, Victor Boştinaru, said:
“The Syrian war enters its eighth year and the unspeakable horrors continue to take place throughout the country. Therefore, we welcome the Brussels II Conference and ask the EU member states and international community to step up the financial support to millions of Syrians who are in desperate need for humanitarian assistance. Help is needed not only for suffering Syrians in Syria but also for more than 5 million Syrian refugees displaced in the region and for the communities that host them.  
“But as crucial as humanitarian aid is, it is not enough. We call on all sides for serious, diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the Syrian civil and proxy war. If the war continues, the suffering of people will not end.  We hope the Brussels II Conference will be an opportunity to bolster the UN-led political peace process in Geneva, and also call on the EU to play an even more active role in this respect. We cannot let Russia, Iran and Assad decide alone the future of Syria. As soon as, and only when, a political transition is agreed, we should be ready to put forward a wide-scale reconstruction plan.”
S&D vice-president Elena Valenciano, added:
“The EU and UN Brussels II Conference for Syria is another opportunity for governments to firstly take Syria to stop the fights and to fulfil UN Security Council resolutions; and secondly, to update the roadmap to respond to the enormous needs of the Syrian population.
“Eight years of war, 13 million in need of humanitarian assistance, and 5 million Syrian refugees displaced abroad. The international community must hear the urgent call from more than one hundred NGOs. International aid does not even reach 20 percent of what is called for by humanitarian organizations.”


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