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S&Ds: International community must stop the slaughtering of Syrians. UN action can no longer be blocked


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Following the atrocities committed in the recent days in Douma and elsewhere in Syria, namely the chemical bombing attack over the population, the S&D Group vice-president on foreign affairs, Victor Boştinaru, and the S&D vice-president responsible for foreign affairs and human rights, Elena Valenciano, stated the following:
S&D Group vice-president Victor Boştinaru said:
“It is difficult to make yet another statement while standing by and watching the Syrians being slaughtered by Assad, Russia and Iran. What else can we say about a war that has seen more than 500.000 dead in 7 years, 200 victims every day and now more than 70 killed in yet another chemical attack on Douma yesterday?
“The expression ‘never again’ has lost its strength. Something has to be done to stop the carnage of Syrians; otherwise, one day we might look back on this, unfortunately not soon enough, and ask ourselves why we did nothing to stop the war crimes.
“There is no doubt today we need an immediate condemnation and co-ordinated response from the international community in order to ensure the accountability of those responsible for these atrocities.”
S&D vice-president Elena Valenciano added:
“This use of chemical weapons is once again a gross violation of international humanitarian law in an everlasting war that is taking an insufferable toll on innocent civilian populations.
“As such, it must not go unpunished. The international community must go beyond condemning these horrific actions. The UN Security Council should react immediately to ensure all measures are taken to guarantee the identification and prosecution of the perpetrators and avoid this happening ever again. There is no space for any more vetoes when we need to end the use of such cruel practices and uphold, if not too late, the most basic principles of humanity in protection of those who need it most.”