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S&Ds: Improving the social and economic situation in Libya is key for stability in North Africa, Sahel and the Mediterranean


Regional Policy
Med & South
Following today’s vote in the plenary on recommendations to the European Council, the European Commission and the High Representative on the political, economic and social situation in Libya, S&D rapporteur and chair of the European Parliament’s subcommittee on human rights, Antonio Panzeri, stated:
“Libya is key to the stability of North Africa, the Sahel, and the Mediterranean. It is therefore crucial to reflect on the crisis in Libya in a wider, regional and pan-African context.
“The situation in Libya is highly fragile and the country is facing a number of complex, interrelated challenges regarding migration and the refugee crisis, political stability, and economic development.
“These have an enormous impact on the people of Libya and also affects the entire region and the EU. It is therefore crucial to ensure political stability in Libya, as a fundamental prerequisite for improving the country’s social and economic situation.
“The migration and refugee crisis remains a central concern for the S&D Group. We strongly condemn the serious human rights violations against migrants in Libya, as a real crime against humanity, and urge the international community to intervene to close the detention centres.”