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S&Ds: With Farm to Fork, we’ll make the EU food system healthier, fairer and sustainable


25 Oct 2021


Agriculture & Food

The Farm to Fork strategy is possibly the last call we have to make the whole food production system in Europe healthier - with less pesticides, antibiotics, and fertilizers; more sustainable; protecting biodiversity; more just; with decent remuneration for our farmers and decent working conditions in the food chain; and last but not least up to our commitment to defend the environment and fight climate change. To reach the ambitious goals set by the Green Deal, the agricultural sector, as other economic sectors, has to make its contribution. It’s time to make our European food not only safe, nutritious and of high quality, but also a global standard for sustainability. However, to make this possible and affordable we must provide our farmers with all the needed tools to ensure fair remuneration, investment for research and innovation, but above all protection from third countries’ unfair and non-sustainable competition. The vote today paves the way for the world of tomorrow. As Progressives, we will stand ready to face the battle for a better future where no one must be left behind.

S&D shadow rapporteur for the agriculture committee, Clara Aguilera, said:

“We share the goals of a just transition set by the Farm to Fork strategy. As Socialists, we have worked hard to identify and propose solutions to the possible problems and obstacles this transition could bring about. We therefore think it is important that the Commission draw up impact studies of all measures developed on the basis of this strategy.

“The final outcome of this strategy is not what we, as Socialists, would have wanted, but it represents the best political agreement of equilibrium possible. We managed to add crucial elements such as the importance of innovation, origin labelling and integrated production. It is imperative that the impact of this strategy does not prevent agricultural markets from remaining stable, with fair prices throughout the food chain, starting with the farmer. Otherwise, we risk seeing fraudulent practices in food production increases. We must control and prevent any possible undesirable effect on the competitiveness of European production vis-à-vis imports from third countries whose producers are not subject to these requirements.

“We need public support for EU farmers to make this transition possible and just for all.”

S&D vice-president and shadow rapporteur for the environment committee, Biljana Borzan, declared:

“With this vote, we support the aims and ambitions of the Farm to Fork strategy as a key pillar of the Green Deal and the vision for a sustainable Europe. We need to change the way we produce and consume food, as now we are literally eating the future of generations to come. We do not have that right!  Water, climate, soil and the ecosystem are warning us they are at a breaking point and we are listening. Our group supports a holistic approach to the necessary changes in the food production sector, at a pace that will leave no one behind. Our priority is that everyone profits from the reforms: consumers with healthy and quality food; farmers with fair remuneration and protection from unfair competition; the environment with less pressure from agriculture.”


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