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S&Ds: EU must act to stop deteriorating fundamental rights situation in member states


Justice & Home Affairs
The European Parliament today backed a report calling for the EU to act to prevent the deterioration of fundamental rights in certain EU member states. 
S&D Group spokesperson for civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee, Birgit Sippel said:
“The fight for fundamental rights in the EU never stops. We have seen some worrying trends in the last few years, with national governments moving backwards on basic democratic principles. In Hungary, the government continues to crack down on anybody that provides a check on their ability to govern unimpeded. We urgently need the European Council to follow up on the Parliament’s decision to launch Article 7 procedures against the Hungarian government.
“We have also seen attempts by right-wing governments to push back on the rights of LGBTI people and on women’s rights. We must take a stand and protect our basic values. LGBTI people are still far more likely to be victims of bullying, harassment and violence. That is why, today, the Parliament backed our call to criminalise LGBTI conversion therapy across the EU. Member states must combat this type of quackery that belittles and stigmatises LGBTI people.”
S&D Group spokesperson for the report Sylvie Guillaume added:
“We are disappointed by the attempt of the EPP and other right wing groups to water down aspects of this report on women’s rights. Instead of listening and learning from the #MeToo movement they are attempting to turn the clock backwards and delete the progress we have made in the last decades. Women’s rights are human rights and we will never stop fighting to protect them.”