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S&Ds: the disagreement on the future CAP is a missed opportunity, but our fight continues


28 May 2021


Agriculture & Food

Following the end of tough negotiations this morning between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission without an agreement on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Socialists and Democrats reiterate their commitment to fight for a sustainable CAP, which improves social rights, brings strong economic development to farmers and rural communities, and fights against climate change.

S&D coordinator in the agriculture committee, Paolo De Castro MEP, said:

“It was a missed opportunity, but our battle and our commitment to turn the Common Agricultural Policy into a true compass for social rights, for sustainable development and for a strong economic growth for the rural sectors and areas, will continue until eventually we will reach a real progressive agreement with the EU Council and the Commission.

“We were really close to positively conclude the negotiations yesterday. Thanks to the great work of our negotiators, S&D MEPS Eric Andrieu, Maria Noichl and Pina Picerno, and to the crucial mediation of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council, we assured a breakthrough step forward, especially on the social pillar and labour standards.

“We are also close to ensuring that funding will be better targeted to strengthen the competitiveness of our farmers, and those who are really responsible for the production of sufficient, affordable and high-quality food for all EU consumers, as well as for the development of rural areas.

“All this work and achievements won’t be wasted. Nonetheless, there are still crucial elements missing to achieve the high level of environmental ambitions outlined in the negotiating mandate of the Parliament.

“We are confident that with the good will and faith of all parties involved, a fair compromise can still be hammered out before the end of the Portuguese Presidency.

“Together, we can do it.”