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S&Ds demand urgent measures to support the dairy sector in Europe


26 May 2016


Agriculture & Food
Trade & Society

Dairy producers in Europe are suffering a prolonged crisis due to the ending of the EU milk quotas, the Russian ban on food imports and a worldwide over-production. The price for raw milk is 13 % lower than the previous five-year average, and the Milk Market Observatory (MMO) has warned that the current slump shows no signs of improving.
This is why the European Parliament today urged the Commission and the Council to take immediate and long-term steps to alleviate this pressure.

S&D spokesperson on agriculture, Paolo de Castro MEP, said:
“The demand is also weak and we must avoid an internal war between European producers from accusing each other of over-production. They are all trying to survive, because in many cases they are being paid less than their production costs by big retailer groups. This is unacceptable and a solution must be found at a European level.
“The 420 million-euro package put in place by the Commission last autumn did not have the significant effect the Commission had wanted. This clearly shows that piecemeal measures taken at member states level do not represent a solution to the current situation."
“We are talking about farmers who are already indebted, who have invested in new technologies, more energy efficient livestock buildings and improved animal welfare on their farms. And they are now about to see all those efforts jeopardised. It is now our turn to deliver for them!"
"There should be a globalisation fund for farmers: they are affected by globalisation like workers in other economic sectors, and they also need support for diversification and reconversion."
“Today the livelihood of farmers is at risk, which means that the long term vitality of Europe’s rural areas is also at risk.”