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S&Ds on Data Governance Act: “Monopolistic practices detrimental to citizens must be avoided”


16 Jul 2021


Innovation & Enterprise

The report on European Data Governance (also known as the Data Governance Act) was adopted today in the committee on industry, research and energy of the European Parliament. The Socialists and Democrats included their key objectives in the document. These include a push towards fair European data spaces that enable the use of data for players of all sizes, solid legislative framework for data intermediators, clear protection of individuals’ rights both in and out of workplace, and a governance structure that is well placed to pursue interoperability across the Union. The S&D Group believe the objectives of the European Commission proposal in this field should fully respect European fundamental rights.

Miapetra Kumpula-Natri, S&D MEP and negotiator on the file in the committee on industry, research and energy, said:

“I see our success as an important step towards a human-centric and fair data economy that respects social-democratic values in Europe. The prosperity of the EU depends on research and innovation, fuelled by the proper use of data. Facilitating trustworthy, open and transparent data intermediation across the Union is essential to give all players the opportunity to grow and flourish in the data economy of the future.

“In the process of negotiations, it was also important to our Group that there are no conflicts between the Data Governance Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We must be careful not to jeopardise the rights of Europeans that we fought so hard to establish in the last couple of years. It is also important to make sure nobody is left behind in this transformation. By protecting the smaller players and creating new jobs and opportunities, I believe this regulation can be a step towards a fair data economy – for the people and by the people.”

Dan Nica, S&D MEP and co-ordinator in the committee on industry, research and energy, said:

“Nowadays the amount of data generated by public bodies, businesses and citizens is constantly growing. Thus, having a strong European approach to data-sharing is crucial for the EU to be at the forefront of innovations and key infrastructures based on data. The Regulation on European Data Governance is a powerful engine to boost and support innovation and to create of new jobs. Across the EU it will also produce a better environment for businesses and SMEs to develop new data-driven products and services. In addition to all this, it will contribute to the expansion and the leading role of the EU data economy.”