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S&Ds on COP27: The world expects concrete measures to stop climate change. War in Ukraine cannot be used as an excuse to postpone green transition


07 Nov 2022



As the UN's climate change summit has opened in Egypt, the Socialist and Democrats in the European Parliament call on global leaders to recognise the alarming signals the planet is sending us and to consequently adopt concrete measures to implement the Paris Agreement. The economic and energy crises caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine should not be used as an excuse to postpone the adoption of firm actions aimed at stopping global warming.

The S&D Group will send a delegation to the Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference led by Vice President, Mohammed Chahim, and composed of Delara Burkhardt and Javi López.

The S&D vice president responsible for the Green Deal, Mohammed Chahim, stated:

"Words must be followed by actions, and the promised funds should be mobilised to the least developed countries which are already at the forefront of climate change. These countries are suffering the consequences of climate change and we need to find a solution to mitigate and compensate for the loss and damages they suffer. A “Loss and Damage” fund must be put in place to help these countries cope with the extreme losses they are experiencing because of global warming. A partnership between Europe and Africa should be the base in realizing the global green transition as the potential in Africa for green energy production is enormous. More synergies and partnerships should be developed. Green energy produced in North Africa could be transferred to the EU and used in our industrial transition. We need enhanced EU-Africa cooperation to fight climate change and turn its threats into opportunities for all.”

S&D member of the environment committee, Delara Burkhardt, added:

“We must use this COP to move away from stereotyping women as victims of climate change and address the root causes of gender inequalities causing their vulnerability. Women and girls hold the key to strengthening climate resilience. They are agents of change, whose representation in all areas of decision-making is indispensable. This is why I call for the mainstreaming of gender into public and private climate policy frameworks and gender-balanced representation in decision-making roles in climate politics and finance - a feminist COP27”

The S&D co-sponsor of the COP27 resolution and member of the environment committee, Javi López, declared:

“The devastating effects of climate change - the rise in sea level, record glacier mass losses, floods, droughts and record breaking heatwaves - are accelerating in terms of intensity and frequency around the world, much more than we expected. This COP27 should close the gap between ambition and reality, and push for a fast and real implementation of the Paris Agreement, in a fair and just manner that takes into account global inequalities.”