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S&Ds condemn Trump playing with fire in Jerusalem


06 Dec 2017


Global Europe
Justice & Home Affairs

Brussels, 6 December 2017

The S&D Group strongly protests against the announcement made by President Donald Trump about the official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and his decision to move the US embassy to the city in the near future, hiding behind the Congress and without offering any new hope for Palestinians.

S&D Group president Gianni Pittella MEP said:
"This announcement is a bad step at a bad moment. President Trump seems to be using his power to fuel the Israeli-Palestinian conflict instead of working for peace in the region. He is working against the hopes for peace in the Middle East the same way as he has gone against the global efforts aimed at dealing with migration flows or fighting climate change.
"We must say it loud and clear again: the only way to achieve a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians is through a negotiated two-state solution with the states of Israel and of Palestinian living side-by-side together in peace and security along the 1967 borders, with mutual land swaps, and Jerusalem as the capital of both states. The final status of Jerusalem has to be settled through negotiations that fulfil the aspirations of the parties. Until then, the relevant UN Security Council resolutions cannot be overturned."

S&D Group vice-president Elena Valenciano MEP added:
"We stand by our Palestinian friends who cannot be left alone on this troubling day. We call on the international community to transform this dramatic announcement into a turning point when we finally wake up and create – today, and not tomorrow – a dynamic that will bring peace to Arabs and Israelis in the Middle East. President Trump leaves us no other choice than taking action ourselves and the European Union must be in the frontline.
“We fully understand the rage of the Palestinian people, but we call for all to avoid violence as a response. We continue to support the policy of non-violent resistance of President Mahmoud Abbas, as the only chance to achieve a Palestinian state recognised by the world in the spirit of the two-state solution. This must be our common goal for which we also work in the European Parliament."

S&D Group vice-president Victor Boştinaru MEP added:
"There is a reason why the international community has not recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel: there is a single acceptable solution for Jerusalem, and this can only be achieved through direct negotiations between both sides. Any unilateral decision that goes against a negotiated solution can only damage the peace process and create more polarisation in an already fragile region. Most importantly, this will create an even more challenging security environment that will directly affect both Israelis and Palestinians.
"The US has been and continues to be a key player in the region and a partner for the European Union. President Trump has the duty to act responsibly and consider the risks of his actions. Such a unilateral step goes against his so-called commitment to relaunching the Middle East Peace Process and can also have serious consequences for our co-operation in the region."




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