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S&Ds condemn inflammatory statements on North Macedonia by ECR MEP, Angel Dzhambazki


27 Jan 2023


Global Europe

S&D MEPs Andreas Schieder, Chair of the Delegation of North Macedonia, Tonino Picula, the Group’s foreign affairs coordinator, and Matjaž Nemec, the Group’s shadow rapporteur on North Macedonia, issued a joint statement condemning the inflammatory political campaigning and hate speech by ECR MEP Angel Dzhambazki against North Macedonia:

“We condemn the recent statements by ECR MEP Angel Dzhambazki, insulting and threatening the president of North Macedonia, as well as showing blatant disrespect of European values. The European Union strives to overcome historical differences, as well as promote peace, democratic values, well-being of the people and cooperation for a joint future in the Western Balkans. We insist that Bulgaria and North Macedonia continue their efforts towards good neighbourly relations. Any violations of this spirit are unacceptable and must be avoided. We therefore urge against any inflammatory rhetoric seeking to gain political points and promote nationalist ideologies.

“MEP Angel Dzhambazki’s statements go against the EU’s founding principles and the Treaty on Good Neighbourly Relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria. We are confident that the security authorities of North Macedonia will do everything to preserve peace, stability and public order. The S&D Group will also bring this issue to the attention of the president of European Parliament and the leadership of the ECR Group.

“The S&D Group also condemns the violent incident that occurred on 19 January in Ohrid.

“We reiterate the support of the S&D Group to North Macedonia’s strategic choice of its integration, and ultimately EU membership, based on the rule of law, multi-ethnic harmony, open democratic dialogue and good neighbourly relations.”