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S&Ds call on the Venezuelan government to urgently accept a humanitarian aid plan


Justice & Home Affairs
During a plenary debate in Strasbourg tonight, Socialists and Democrats will urge the EU to continue its financial support to Venezuela, and to increase it if needed. They will also urge the Venezuelan government to accept an immediate agreement to urgently provide humanitarian aid.
The S&D Group expresses its solidarity with the Venezuelan people, and regret the grave crisis it is going through. According to the UN, 61.2% of Venezuelans live in extreme poverty; mortality has raised 60% and child mortality 30%.
In these circumstances, more and more Venezuelans leave, often through neighbouring countries. MEP Francisco Assis, who is the S&D coordinator for the EU-Latin America Parliamentary Assembly (Eurolat) took part in a European Parliament delegation to the Venezuelan border with Colombia and Brazil from June 25 to June 30th.
Francisco Assis said:
“The humanitarian crisis hitting Venezuela is very grave, and it starts to hit neighbouring countries. Every month more than 12,000 Venezuelans cross to Roraima, one of the poorest states in Brazil. This demographic pressure affects public services, such as health and education; it also deeply undermines the integration of refugees.
“It is crucial for the EU to maintain the financial support and even strengthen it, it is also crucial that the government of Nicolás Maduro accepts help, for the sake of the population.”
S&D vice-president for foreign affairs, Elena Valenciano MEP, said: 
“What we are witnessing in Venezuela is a human drama that deeply saddens us. They lack of food and medicines and insecurity continues. It is urgent to revert this situation. We want to express our full solidarity with the Venezuelan people, who are suffering so much; we also want to contribute to putting an end to this situation as soon as possible.
“This is why tomorrow we will support a resolution calling for an immediate agreement to be reached on a humanitarian emergency access plan for the country. We urge the Venezuelan government to allow unimpeded humanitarian aid as a matter of urgency, and to grant permission to international organisations to assist the public. The most urgent matter now is to counter malnutrition among the most vulnerable groups.”


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