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S&Ds call for an independent investigation into the killing of 18 Palestinians and for a resolution in the April plenary session


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The Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament join UN Secretary Seneral António Guterres and EU High Representative Federica Mogherini in their call for an independent and transparent investigation into the recent tragic deaths of Palestinians at the Gaza border.
The S&D Group will also propose a debate and urgent resolution on the topic during the next plenary session of 16-19 April in Strasbourg.
S&D vice-president Elena Valenciano stated:
"It is essential to clarify the events that have taken place at the Gaza border, which led to the deaths 18 unarmed victims, shot by the Israeli army.
"As the Socialists and Democrats Group, we advocate for the right of Israel to their security, but that right cannot justify the deadly repression of young Palestinians in Gaza.
"The situation of the people of Gaza is desperate. More than ten years of a sea, air and land blockade, and three consecutive wars have left the population in a situation of misery and desperation."
S&D vice-president Victor Bostinaru stated:
"We join UN secretary general António Guterres and EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, in calling for an independent and transparent investigation into this tragic incident, and we strongly reject the cynical response to these calls by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
"Israel's repeated disproportionate use of violence against Palestinian civilians is unacceptable. Israel must face consequences for these actions.
"We also reiterate our call for an immediate end to the blockade of the Gaza Strip, the return of the Palestinian Authority to the area, and an immediate end to all attacks from Gaza against Israeli territory."