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S&D: We will not tire in our efforts to help Ukraine! European Parliament adopts a resolution to mark one year of Russian war of aggression


16 Feb 2023


Global Europe

On the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Parliament has adopted a resolution in support of Ukraine and its people who are courageously fighting for their freedom, personal safety, democracy and human rights.

In the resolution, with a strong S&D stamp on it, the EP urges to draw lessons from twelve months of immense human suffering, brutal crimes and destruction.

The S&Ds call on EU member states and their international partners for more effective political, military and diplomatic efforts to stop Russia’s war of aggression once and for all. However, they insist that any peaceful resolution of the war must be based on full respect for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity – on accountability for the crime of aggression and all war crimes, as well as on reparations to Ukraine to finance its reconstruction.

At the same time, they call on member states to substantially increase and accelerate their military support with a view to not only allowing Ukraine to defend itself against Russia, but also to regain full control over its entire internationally-recognised territory. EU countries, the US, the UK and Canada should swiftly deliver on their pledge to provide Ukraine with modern battle tanks.

Pedro Marques, S&D vice president responsible for foreign affairs, said: 

“One year of the brutal Russian war of aggression against Ukraine has resulted in the death of thousands and thousands of innocent people, a destroyed country and increased insecurity and suffering in the world.

“We have been standing by Ukraine for all this time, and we will continue supporting it for as long as it takes. The Ukrainians can count on our unwavering political, diplomatic, humanitarian, financial and military support. The Russian regime can count on our determination to undermine its financial and military ability to continue this war of aggression that blatantly breaches international law and threatens the entire rules-based international order.

“Europe’s unity is our biggest strength against the Russian aggressor. It is a shame that the EPP is trying to create false impressions of divisions while others urge the EU and its member states for unity and resolve. It is a shame that some in the ranks of the EPP are flirting and even allying with Putin’s old friends from the far right, such as Mr. Berlusconi.”

Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, S&D shadow rapporteur on Russia and Ukraine, and the negotiation of the resolution, said

“Russia's war of aggression continues. It already has terrifying consequences. It will probably become more brutal before it's over. We must continue to provide all assistance to the Ukrainian people. We will help rebuild this country after the war. We want Ukraine to join us in the European Union.

“There are calls for a diplomatic solution, but who, and at what price, would have to pay for such peace? We must ensure that no part of Ukrainian territory will remain under Russian occupation and that no Ukrainian or other citizen will feel threatened or under attack for their wish to live in peace, safety and prosperity and in respect of European values and principles. Diplomacy is often the best solution, but not always. We must not repeat the error of Munich in 1938. We must not allow the Donbas or Crimea to become Ukraine’s ‘Sudetenland’.”


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