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S&D: We stand by Ghanaian citizens and media freedom after the murder of investigative journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale


Justice & Home Affairs
Following the murder of the investigative journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale in Ghana, the chair of the development committee and S&D member, Linda McAvan, said: 
“The murder of investigative journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale in Ghana is shameful. We are deeply sorry for this tragedy and strongly condemn this ruthless attack against media freedom and democracy. We are confident that the national authorities will soon bring to justice the person responsible for this crime. 
“We deplore all rhetoric that incites violence, particularly from politicians and public figures in the national media. The tragic case of Ahmed Hussein-Suale should remind us that we cannot tolerate words of violence, especially when they aim to silence journalists.
“Ahmed Hussein-Suale was member of Tiger Eye Private Investigations. Together withAnas Aremayaw Anas, that along withEnrique Guerrero and Maria Arena, we have had the pleasure to meet during a Global Progressive Forum mission to Accra. Theyrun an explosive investigation over the corruption in Ghana's football leagues that brought about a lifetime ban for the former head of Ghana's Football Association. We stand beside Ghanaian people and civil society for democracy, human rights and media freedom. These universal values cannot be shot down.”