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S&D: A new war in the Gaza Strip must be prevented


Following the recent Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip and rockets from Palestinian armed groups that brought several casualties and injuries, the S&D strongly condemns all violent action against civilians and calls on all parties to put an immediate end to the violence.
S&D vice-president, Elena Valenciano, stated:
"We strongly condemn any violent action against civilians, be it the result of indiscriminate firing of rockets by Palestinian armed groups or a military operation by the Israeli army.
"The recent hopes of easing the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip should not be replaced by renewed violence due to Israeli military operations or violent action from Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups that fired more than 350 rockets into Israeli territory over the past days. The ongoing escalation risks triggering a new war in the Gaza Strip. This serves in the interests of no one, neither Palestinians, nor Israelis, and must be prevented at all cost.  
"We call for an immediate de-escalation of the situation and for tangible steps aimed at easing the tensions in Gaza, including through the transfer of large-scale humanitarian aid and assistance to the area without further delay. Proper medical treatment and medicine for people suffering from serious illnesses must be allowed. Finally, the blockade of Gaza should be lifted without delay, as it can only bring more suffering to Palestinians and more rockets to Israel.
"We call on all parties to put an immediate end to the firing of rockets or military actions that could put at risk civilian lives. We urge the Palestinian Authority as well as regional powers, such as Egypt and Jordan, to do their utmost, together with the international community, to avoid another war in Gaza."