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The S&D Group's new position paper for a digital transition in the European Union that benefits all


08 Feb 2023


Innovation & Enterprise

The Socialists and Democrats group in the European Parliament sets out its progressive vision for the digital transition in the European Union in a new position paper adopted today: Our Inclusive Digital Europe: Leaving Nobody Behind - Offering Opportunities for Everyone.

The digital revolution is turning our world upside down by creating new opportunities and challenges deeply affecting people’s lives. The Socialists and Democrats are committed to turning technical progress into social progress for all.

The S&D paper covers many important issues of the progressive agenda that aim to correct existing imbalances and help ensure that digital rights and principles are safeguarded in the EU, leaving no one behind and offering opportunities for everyone.

Alex Agius Saliba, S&D Group vice-president for a strong digital Europe for all, said:

“The digital transition is one of the main challenges of this decade. The paper adopted by the S&D Group is our roadmap for future progressive digital priorities. It builds on our work and achievements in the field of digital policy since 2019, such as roaming, the right to disconnect, platform workers, consumers’ rights, interoperability of digital products, fair and transparent algorithms and banning intrusive advertising practices online.

“With the emergence of new services, the digital transition has the potential to connect people at home, in the workplace, and with their national public services. But, to do so, the EU needs to empower all citizens in the understanding and use of digital in their daily lives, while protecting them from indecent working conditions or unfair digital practices challenging data protection, freedom of choice, and pluralism. What is illegal offline must also be so online.

“The digital transition should not worsen or create new social inequalities. That is why we need to defend workers’ rights in the digital economy, from platform work to the right to disconnect, as precarious work and new forms of ‘dumping’ are not acceptable. It is also paramount for the EU to swiftly close all dimensions of the digital gap, from access to the internet as a fundamental right to ensuring proper access, literacy, and use of e-services by everyone.

“As digital products are everywhere, the EU has to better protect its consumers. We need more digital transparency and fair artificial intelligence in the EU, for algorithms and online political campaigns, just as much as when it comes to guaranteeing privacy, data protection, and other fundamental rights.  We push to tackle dark patterns, targeted advertising, or disinformation head on, and ban surveillance and social scoring practices. These are crucial steps to protect Europe’s democracy against extremism and far-right movements. The S&D paper outlines how our political family is leading the conversation for an inclusive digital Europe that can improve everyone’s well-being.”