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S&D Group on the results of the independent judicial inquiry in Malta


Justice & Home Affairs
The S&D Group in the European Parliament takes note of the latest political developments in Malta where an independent judicial inquiry confirmed that all allegations against the Prime Minister of Malta and Leader of the Labour Party, Joseph Muscat, and his family were false. 
S&D Group President Udo Bullmann stated:
“We are satisfied to see that an independent judicial inquiry has cleared the Prime Minister of Malta and his wife from all allegations. The case shows how important it is to handle such accusations in an open and transparent way and not to prejudge.
“When international forensic experts find out that accusations are based on forged documents and false signatures, this is more than alarming. This shows how much energy was invested into the false accusations. 
 “It is deeply worrying that Malta’s opposition party tried to take advantage of the situation by leading a campaign against the government. This type of campaigning endangers democracy and rule of law, and undermines trust in political parties and institutions.
“We will continue to support the progressive work of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his fight for the economic and social wellbeing of the Maltese people.”


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