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S&D Group plays active role in the 34th session of the ACP-EU JPA in Haiti


18 Dec 2017


Global Europe
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Brussels, 18 December 2017

The 34th plenary session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly takes place this week, from 18th to 20th December, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Key topics on the agenda are climate change, the development-security nexus, public health, mineral resources, blue economy, sustainable tourism, as well as the situation in Libya, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, and in Catalonia. S&D Members - the largest political group delegation from the European Parliament - continue to play a leading role in the Women's Forum and the Youth Conference events in the framework of the session.

Commenting on the Women's Forum conference, Cécile Kyenge, S&D MEP co-chair of the Women's Forum and ACP-EU JPA vice-president, said:
"The promotion of women's role in the fight against climate change begins with the recognition of their rights as citizens; rights that must be guaranteed, particularly in the field of education. Education is the foundation on which political, economic and social rights are built.

"Today, women are playing a crucial role in politics and economics. Their political leadership is expressed through greater inclusivity in the institutions for which they are responsible. At the economic level, we also see action by women entrepreneurs who are economic leaders and feel the need to bring their businesses into compliance with environmental standards."

S&D MEP and co-chair of the Youth Conference Maria Noichl said:
"It was inspiring to see so many young people give their time and energy over the weekend to participate in discussions about the future of their country.

"It was clear that the number one priority of young people in Haiti is access to education. Unlocking affordable, high quality education is key to stimulating research and entrepreneurship, creating quality jobs and making sustainable progress on poverty eradication and equality.

"We must maintain EU support on teacher training, providing educational resources and making all levels of education - from primary to university higher education - available and affordable to all young people. This generation has significant challenges to face and we must do all we can to equip them with the tools to tackle them.
* S&D MEPs that participate in the session are Cécile Kyenge, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, Louis Joseph Manscour (vice-presidents of the ACP-EU JPA) and Ole Christensen, Seb Dance, Norbert Neuser, Maria Noichl, Ricardo Serrão Santo, Julie Ward, Carlos Zorrinho.



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