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S&D Group: Croatia belongs in Schengen


09 Nov 2022


Global Europe

During today’s plenary debate, the S&D Group in the European Parliament will support full Schengen membership for Croatia.

The European Parliament is consulted as part of the procedure to enlarge the Schengen area, with a vote on Parliament’s position taking place on Thursday. In October, the civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee green lighted the move with a large majority (45 in favour, 8 against, and 5 abstentions).

The Council of the EU will then need to take the final decision on Croatia’s accession. The socialists and democrats believe that when a member state meets the conditions, the Council should then agree to remove internal border controls in full.

Matjaž Nemec, S&D negotiator on the full application of the Schengen provisions in Croatia, said:

“It is clear that Croatia belongs in the Schengen area without internal border controls. The free travel area is one of the EU’s greatest achievements and Croatians should be able enjoy this right without delay. Schengen is about people.

“EU membership entails mutual trust and honouring the promises made. Any member state that meets the requirements should be entitled to full Schengen membership while also fully respecting EU law. The Council should fulfil its obligations. We do not believe in discriminating between different EU countries.

“Croatia deserves our support for its commitments in applying the Schengen rules, both now and in the future, and that should include regular reports on the respect for fundamental rights at the external borders.”