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Roma: towards a victory for justice


14 Sep 2010


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Last Thursday the European Parliament overwhelming backed (337 for, 245 against and 51 abstentions) a resolution on the situation of Roma in the EU and particularly in France. The text demands, among other things, an end to the deportation of Roma from France. Since then the French government, in particular Ministers Besson and Lellouche, has been engaged in an out-and-out crusade against the Parliament, accusing MEPs of legal ignorance and arrogant posturing.

French GUE/NGL MEP Marie-Christine Vergiat: "The Commission seemed to hesitate, holding strictly to French government statements. Even if they are well overdue, I read with great satisfaction the comments made by Commissioner Reding today. With harsh words for the French Government, the Vice-President of the Commission expressed her dismay at a situation which she believed Europe would never again have to witness after the 2nd World War. She said that the statements made by French ministers to the European Commission are contradicted by the facts and that this was a disgrace. Reding has decided not to wait for the legal analysis of the Commission services and is convinced that the body should initiate two infringement proceedings: one for discriminatory application of the free movement directive and the other for failure to implement procedural safeguards. Duly noted and acknowledged".


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