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Roaming calls within the EU remain cheap and improve for citizens thanks to the S&Ds


25 Mar 2022



The European Parliament has adopted the new rules that extend for another 10 years the right for EU citizens to make mobile calls at their domestic rates when they travel to another EU member state. Thanks to the work of the S&D Group, Europeans can no longer be punished with lower quality of services or higher charges just because they travel within the EU and stay in another member state. The new rules will already enter into force this summer.

Alex Agius Saliba, S&D MEP and vice-president for a strong digital Europe for all, said:

"Abolishing roaming is one of citizens' most widely recognised EU successes. It is excellent news that the roaming rules will continue for another ten years, providing people with a better roaming experience and quality of service. 

“Ensuring that people get the same quality they pay for when roaming as when they are in their home country, better protection against bill shocks caused by connecting to a non-EU mobile or satellite network, and access to emergency services, including for people with disabilities - these are only a few of the benefits people will enjoy with the new rules."

Robert Hajšel, MEP, S&D negotiator on the issue of roaming, said:

“I am glad we managed not just to extend the rules for another 10 years, but also to remove existing barriers and discriminatory practices. In negotiations with the Council we managed to further lower wholesale prices, introduce a guarantee of quality of service, improve transparency and secure free access to emergency services. All of this hasn’t been the case until now.

“Europeans benefiting from free movement within the EU cannot be punished with lower quality services or higher charges, no matter where they come from or how long they stay in another member state.

“I am glad I insisted on including free roaming provisions in the international agreements, especially with our neighbours during the current situation when millions of refugees are arriving from Ukraine. We should allow these refugees in the EU to temporarily use their mobile phones for lower charges. This is one of the ways we can show our solidarity with them in practice."




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