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Right wing majority in Swedish election


20 Sep 2010


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Brussels, 19/09/10

The first predictions (exit poll) in the Swedish elections give the victory to the right wing coalition. But their majority may be unstable due to the new right wing xenophobic party Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna). The first predictions give them 4,6 per cent, just 0,6 per cent above the 4 per cent limit to enter the parliament.
The Sweden Democrats are not part of the right wing alliance, but if they do enter parliament, they are very likely to have a kingmaker position.

- The left made a strong finish just days before the poll, raising issues of health insurance,-says Eva-Britt Svensson MEP (GUE/NGL, Swedish Left Party).- But I fear that the racists of the Sweden Democrats will get undue influence on the right wing government.
For further comments:
Eva-Britt Svensson MEP: +46 70 633 13 46



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