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Renovation strategies? Your comfort and well-being need a good building envelope


09 Feb 2017


Sustainable Dev.
Climate & Environment

A new study sponsored by Eurima reveals that a good building envelope is key to maximising the contribution of buildings to both societal climate and energy  goals while, at the same time, improving the individual comfort and well-being of citizens.

The study, carried out by Transsolar and Tribuenergie investigated the improvement potential of both a good and an excellent (nZEB) level renovation, from an energy performance perspective as well as in terms of improved thermal comfort-levels for the building occupant, looking at the interaction between existing active and passive technologies. 

Results show that the renovation of the envelope is the only measure which can cut the energy demand of the building by more than 60% and reduce CO2 emissions by a similar percentage, independently from other actions. At the same time, a clear and strong inter-linkage between these impacts and other important ancillary societal benefits emerged: a good performing envelope can ensure twice as much yearly comfort hours as compared to a low performing building envelope, assuring citizens’ comfort throughout the whole year (respectively 355 versus 179 days). 

A combination of the renovation of the envelope and the replacement of the technical equipment can achieve a reduction in the energy demand of buildings by 80-86% and a cut in CO2 emissions by 80-91%, while preserving the additional ancillary social benefits.

While the EPBD clearly identifies that raising the performance-levels of buildings is key for Europe, these findings show renovation strategies need to ensure the achievement of a good performing envelope to guarantee the basic functions of our buildings: comfort and shelter.

This study clearly shows that we should embrace EU-wide renovation strategies as a social project” said Jan te Bos, Director-General of Eurima. “They will deliver our societal Climate and Energy objectives but, at the same time, have a direct positive effect on the individual comfort, health and well-being of the EU citizen”.

As we spend more than 90% of our time in buildings, having a comfortable, safe and resilient building stock is a fundamental pillar not just part of our climate, energy jobs and growth agenda but it is an investment in our everyday quality of life.

The study and a summary with the key findings are available here.

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